Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

How To Remove A Damaged Slatted Fence Panel and Post

Although they look great and are an affordable fencing option for your garden, slatted wooden fencing panels can be prone to storm damage and may need replacing from time-to-time. Wood eating insects can also attack wooden fence posts, weakening the fenceline and leaving it vulnerable to damage in high winds. Slatted fencing panels are readily available in a range of standard sizes, making sourcing a replacement a simple process. You could either replace the post with another wooden one or go for a concrete or steel post, which would be a more robust option. Read More 

Balustrades: Would Stainless Steel Be Ideal For Your Home?

Balustrades are a common feature in most residences. If you have a staircase or a balcony, chances are it has balustrading. However, not many homeowners pay attention to the material that these balustrades are made out of. If you are looking to update the appearance your home, one of the materials you could consider for your balustrading is stainless steel. Some people may be wary of stainless steel, assuming that it will give their residence a sterile appearance. Read More 

Picket Fencing: Why Vinyl Is an Ideal Material for Your Fence

Picket fences are a popular fencing style for homeowners who want a traditional, yet appealing, style for their premises. In years past, picket fencing was exclusively made from wood. Although this material is attractive, you will find that timber would not be the most durable option available to you. In recent years, some homeowners have veered from the norm and have opted to have their vinyl fencing made from vinyl. A misconception that some people may have is that vinyl will make a fence look cheap and unattractive. Read More 

4 Little-known Blunders to Avoid When Installing an Electric Fence

Fences are the oldest access control mechanisms in place. Whether you want to guard your business or personal property, a fence will go a long way in restricting who comes in and who leaves. One of the fence types that has gained a lot of popularity is an electric fence; however, it requires skills to install it. Here are some tips that can help you avoid mistakes when installing this type of fencing. Read More 

Check Out These Choices For a Unique Residential Fence

A hurricane or chain-link fence is a very standard option for many residential properties today, and it's relatively easy for a homeowner to install on their own, as the mesh simply unrolls and gets tied to posts. However, it can also look a bit drab and dull, and if you don't add slats through the mesh, it also offers little privacy between neighbours. If you want something more unique and personal for your residential fence, note a few choices you have and then discuss these with a fencing contractor as needed. Read More 

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

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