Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Best Fencing Options to Increase Your Home’s Privacy

Are you in the market for the best fence for privacy? If nosy neighbours and prying passers-by are your biggest concern when choosing a fence for your home, the right fence can help provide privacy. Here are some popular options to consider for a residential privacy fence.   Wood Fencing  Wood fence panels are an excellent choice if you want to shield your yard from prying outsiders while enhancing the curb appeal and security of your home. Read More 

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Hi, my name is Mark, welcome to my blog! As a new home owner, I’m learning a lot about the responsibilities of owning a property. Recently, my neighbour popped around and told me he wanted to put up a new fence between our gardens. My first reaction was that he should just go for it, but then he told me that I had to share the costs as we share responsibility for the fence. Before I agreed to the work (and to pay for it), I did some research and talked to a guy I know who works for a fencing contractor. I learned a lot about shared responsibility and rights with adjoining fences, so I started this blog to pass on what I’ve learned to other people who might be faced with a fencing project with a neighbour for the first time.


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