Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Opt For Vinyl Fencing If You Live By the Coast

Living by the coast may provide you with favourable weather for a majority of the months, but this environment does have its own set of challenges when it comes to building supplies. Therefore, it would be prudent to know the innate characteristics of the various materials available to you before you make a long-term decision about your fencing. Timber may be a popular option for properties across the board in Australia, but vinyl is steadily proving a much better option for the coastal regions. Read More 

The Top Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing For Homeowners with Kids

The demand for glass pool fencing has grown over the years and so has its affordability. This pool fencing provides homeowners with a multitude of advantages when compared to other fencing materials, particularly for families with younger children and pets. The following points highlight the top benefits of glass pool fencing for homeowners with kids. Glass pool fencing is a breeze to maintain When you compare the maintenance required to keep glass pool fencing pristine to what you would be needed to do with other fencing materials, you will find the glass panels are much easier to keep attractive. Read More 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fencing Materials

Homeowners have various fence materials to choose from and many factors to consider when building a fence. That's why you need to consider several things before ordering your fence materials. The fence material you choose will not only play a crucial role in dictating your home exterior design but also provide security to your home. Mostly, people consider privacy and security when purchasing fencing materials, but there are several other things to take into consideration. Read More 

The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

If you're building your own home, you may be wondering what roofing material to choose. Metal roofs are popular, but what are the advantages and disadvantages? Read on for a helpful overview. Metal roofs – the advantages Metal roofing is very long-lasting and is very resistant to damage by insect pests and rot. Properly installed metal roofing seals your home against the heaviest of downpours and will stay put in high winds, when shingle roofs are easily damaged. Read More 

Fencing: Tips to Dressing up Your Old Fence

Over time, your fence may begin to look old and drab simply due to the exposure to the elements that it has endured on a daily basis. However, if the fence is still functional, then it would be wasteful to opt for fence replacement. Nevertheless, keeping a fence that is an eyesore can detract from the overall aesthetic of your property. This is why it is essential to consider ways of updating its appearance thus inadvertently keeping your landscape appealing. Read More 

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Hi, my name is Mark, welcome to my blog! As a new home owner, I’m learning a lot about the responsibilities of owning a property. Recently, my neighbour popped around and told me he wanted to put up a new fence between our gardens. My first reaction was that he should just go for it, but then he told me that I had to share the costs as we share responsibility for the fence. Before I agreed to the work (and to pay for it), I did some research and talked to a guy I know who works for a fencing contractor. I learned a lot about shared responsibility and rights with adjoining fences, so I started this blog to pass on what I’ve learned to other people who might be faced with a fencing project with a neighbour for the first time.


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