Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

The Top Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing For Homeowners with Kids

The demand for glass pool fencing has grown over the years and so has its affordability. This pool fencing provides homeowners with a multitude of advantages when compared to other fencing materials, particularly for families with younger children and pets. The following points highlight the top benefits of glass pool fencing for homeowners with kids.

Glass pool fencing is a breeze to maintain

When you compare the maintenance required to keep glass pool fencing pristine to what you would be needed to do with other fencing materials, you will find the glass panels are much easier to keep attractive. Timber fencing may be affordable and visually appealing, but it does have a propensity o rotting over time due to the splashes from the pool. Additionally, wood will start to splinter, and this can be hazardous to your children if they run their fingers on the fencing. The main concern that you would have with your glass pool fencing is fingerprints from your kids, which can easily be wiped down. Other than that, the glass pool fencing will not be at risk of cosmetic damage due to exposure to the changing weather.

Glass pool fencing will ensure unobstructed views

Most people do not like feeling as if they are in a fish bowl. However, if you have children, it is pertinent to make sure that the pool is securely fenced so that they do not access the pool area unsupervised. Using solid panels made from opaque materials will not only give the sense of your pool area being boxed in but also it will make your property appear significantly small. To avoid this, you should resort to glass panels for your pool fencing. The unobstructed views that this fencing provides you with ensures you can always have an eye on your children and pets, whether you are close to the pool area or not. Secondly, it also ensures that your pool fencing does not detract from your property's kerb appeal.

Glass pool fencing will ensure safety

What some homeowners do not bear in mind when choosing pool fencing is the ability of their children to scale the fence they install. Wood panelling and metal beams may demarcate the pool area, but they are also perfect for adventurous children who like to climb fencing. The smooth surface of the glass panels makes it impossible for your kids to scale the fence. Additionally, the toughened glass minimises the risk of breakage.

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

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