Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Considerations for Choosing Custom Trailers for a Fence Contractor

Many fence contractors use traditional trailers. Sadly, conventional trailers can be too large or small, based on the project you're undertaking. This can be a major issue for fence contractors that deal with jobs that require the use of irregularly sized trailers.

Does your project demand that you order a custom trailer?

If yes, here are some of the factors you should consider when selecting a custom trailer for your fencing project:

Latch and Gate Options

Many trailers bring with them some form of a pre-installed gate. Nevertheless, the gates might be too low. Additionally, they might not be as secure as one would like them to be. As a fence contractor, one of the factors you need to consider when ordering your custom trailer is the kind of gate you might need. For instance, taller gates give you fully enclosed trailers or gates that have been reinforced.

Secure gates can be tailored for your trailer to handle your supplies' impact in equipment in case of a collision.

Ramp Additions

Based on the kind of fencing jobs you're involved in, you might want your trailer to have ramps. With these additions, moving equipment and/or parts off the trailer becomes easier. Even though a good number of trailers bring with them temporary ramps or pre-installed ramps, secured ramps that address your needs make things much easier.

For instance, if you expect to move heavy equipment off and on your trailer throughout the entire day, a secure ramp or one with a higher weight limit makes the moving of things easier.

Security Features

Today's manufacturers of custom trailers include security system features such as alarms or cameras in their trailers. They alert you in case of any abnormal or suspicious activity. With high-end security features, you can also have access to recordings of attempted or successful theft cases. The best part is that experts can link the alarms and cameras to your phone or even local authorities. It means that you can be at peace even when you leave your trailer parked in open areas. It also comes in handy when you're working on big job sites where you're busy and you can't monitor your trailer all the time.

As a fence contractor, you should consider the above three factors when ordering for a custom trailer. Doing so ensures you settle for a custom trailer that meets all your fencing project's needs.

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

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