Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

4 Little-known Blunders to Avoid When Installing an Electric Fence

Fences are the oldest access control mechanisms in place. Whether you want to guard your business or personal property, a fence will go a long way in restricting who comes in and who leaves. One of the fence types that has gained a lot of popularity is an electric fence; however, it requires skills to install it. Here are some tips that can help you avoid mistakes when installing this type of fencing.

1. Mixing different types of metals

The effectiveness of an electric fence depends on its strength which is in turn largely determined by the shocking power. When installing an electrical fence, do not mix different types of metals. This is because some metals tend to react with each other and reduce the shocking power. For example, if you mix copper and steel, the two metals will erode through a process known as electrolysis when electricity passes through them. The shocking power will be affected and may compromise the role of the fence.

2. Overlooking earth grounding

The majority of people think it is okay to skimp when putting earth grounding for their electric fences. Electric fence contractors recommend that you should install at least three earth rods for an electric fence. The rods should be galvanized and be about 6 to 8 feet in length. The rods should be attached to the ground using clamps. To create a strong shock, the electricity should move back to the charger in full circle through the ground. Poor grounding results to poor and weak shock and a weaker electric fence.

3. Inadequate pet training

As you install your electric fence to keep intruders away, train your pets and other animals in the compound that electric fence hurts. First, install a training fence and try to make the animals note this fence. They will learn to stay off the fence, and you can now install the real electric fence.

4. Fixing the fence posts too close together

An electric fence acts more or less like a rubber band. If the posts are too close to each other and something runs into the fence, the object will either knock the posts down or break off all insulators and destroy your fence. Be sure to keep adequate spacing between the electric fence posts to have an effective electric fence. The recommended spacing between posts is about 12 feet. You can increase the spacing, but you will have to keep a closer eye to it as it can sag within no time.

It is easy to install an electric fence over your property as a DIY project. Familiarizing with these common errors that happen during electric fence installation will help you avoid any mistake on your next fencing project. Remember to consult a professional for help before and during the entire installation process for you to get it right.

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

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