Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

A purr-fect solution - Using fencing to keep your cats in the yard

There is a growing push to keep cats inside in Australia, both to stop them hunting native wildlife and to stop them getting into fights with other cats and catching infectious diseases. Cats tend to like to roam though, and enjoy having some outdoor space to explore. As cats are good climbers it can be hard to reconcile these needs, but a growing number of cat fencing options are being developed to help cat owners keep their cats in the yards. 

An overhanging fence top

Most modern designs that help to keep cats in a space involve an overhanging section of fence, which is spring loaded so that it collapses when a cat attempts to jump on the ledge. These can either be installed as a new fencing system or added to an existing fence as a 'cap' so that the yard becomes self-enclosed. These designs are better than designs that have sharp spikes or shards inserted on the fence line as these can cause the cats injury. 

Clear away bushes and trees at the fence line

Cats are notoriously good at climbing and finding ways over fencing and barriers. It's important to also trim back any trees and bushes near the fence as well as keeping any bins away from the fence so that the cats cannot use them items to help them leap up and over the fence overhang portion. This is very important as your cat may start experimenting with ways to get around the cat-proofing!

Keep your microchipping and collars up to date

While the fencing will be effective at keeping your cats in the yard, it's still very important to keep them collared and microchipped if they are heading outside. Unfortunately, it is still possible for fencing to being damaged in storms or by accidents, and a scared cat may run if they hear a loud noise. Equally, your fence will likely include a gate and a meter reader or tradesperson could leave the gate open when you are expecting which can give the cat an easy way to get out of the yard. 

With the right fencing, you can allow your cats to explore your yard without worrying that they may roam father abroad and have accidents or catch native wildlife. If you want to give your cats more freedom, why not contact a fencing contractor to start exploring your options for cat-proof fencing. 

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Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

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