Who Pays for Adjoining Fences?

Options to Consider When Installing a Driveway Gate

When choosing a driveway gate for your home, you need to pick its material and design. Additionally, practical considerations come into play. For example, would a sliding or swinging mechanism better suit the environment? And which would be better: manual or automated gates? To help you arrive at the best choices, consider the following information.


The gate design needs to match the existing fence. Though if you're installing a new fence and gate together, you'll have unlimited freedom to harmonise it to the house architecture. Possible gate materials include timber, aluminium and steel.

Timber gates are open to diverse styling. Wood gates can feature a panelled decorative arch painted a classic white. Otherwise, you can show off the natural grain with a stained timber gate built of numerous horizontal slats. Another possibility is a rustic gate using reclaimed timber pieces with a weathered look. Around a quaint cottage, you could construct a picket fence and gate. For a design twist, you could paint the pickets bright yellow or green. Timber is easy to style to the environment, but make sure to seal it against the elements to prevent it from rotting and warping.


Another material to consider is aluminium which can be fashioned into different designs. Aluminium slat gates come in a diverse range of powder-coated colours to blend with different environments. You can adjust their privacy level by setting the slats closer or farther apart.

For a gorgeous, elegant gate, you could select a tubular metal structure with ornate scrolls, circles and spearheads. You can combine the gate with chunky pillars built from raw or painted brick or cement render. The contrast between the stocky posts and slimline metal adds visual interest and delivers a beautiful aesthetic.


Another possibility is a steel gate made of corrugated panels. These gates offer total privacy and are covered in different alloys and coatings to prevent rust. You'll also have a wide range of colours for the metal sheeting and the gate posts, which you can contrast against each other.

Sliding or Swinging

Practical considerations are also important. For example, would a sliding or swinging gate be better? A sliding mechanism will require space along the fence line, so you may have to trim a hedge or remove foliage. A swinging gate needs room to swing open. You'll need to consider the driveway layout and the available space.

Manual or Automated

Finally, should you install a manual or automated gate? Manual gates compel you to get out of your car to open and close the gates as you pass through. Automatic gates are more convenient, especially when it's raining. Plus, they increase your home's safety and security, as you won't have to leave your car on a dark night to unlock them.

Keep these things in mind as you look for gates

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